Asthedic is a Metaverse project that promotes "Breedable" A.I Generated NFTs and artistic value of arts. Spacers can interact and get involve with the process of creating and modifying fine arts.
We believe in the future of decentralisation where third party non-bourgeoisie organization is realistic. Where true none-lazy fine arts are consumed, embraced and shared. Where creator and artists are no longer suppressed and free to create with the benefits unhindered.
Fine Arts is said to not to be a thing in the future creative environment. We say otherwise, Fine Arts, in fact, the Fine Arts generated from Artificial Intelligence will be absolute and classically embraced after the trend of lazy generative NFTs arts passed. Only at this moment have people ever realised the immaterialistic value within an art piece, whether it is visual arts or auditorial, lies in within the nuance and notion the art conveys. A whole new era of neo-Leonardo-Da-Vin-Ci is behold and opened.
By the regards, It is NOW, the RIGHT NOW, the exact moment to embark on. An opportunity and opening window, for you to embark on. No matter you are an Art lover, An Aesthetic, an investor, or anything. Embark with Asthedic Space now to achieve whatsoever is dear.
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