AES - Asthedic main currency
Asthedic.Space platform functions based on the circulation and distribution of AES, which acts as governance and utility token of the platform. AES Holders will have the following benefits:
  • In-game purchase: AES is the only currency for trading, bidding, selling and buying any assets on Asthedic platform.
  • Fee reduction: Reduce fee for actions on Asthedic.Space platform (Trading fee on Marketplace, Breeding fee, etc).
  • Governance: AES holders will be able to participate in polls to vote for Asthedic's Spaceverse developments.
  • AES Staking: AES can be used to stake in pools for constant income.
  • Minigames: Holding AES will grant Spacers with the access to many fascinating Asthedic's activities such as lottery, NFTs Fiesta, etc.
  • Rewards: Rewards from Asthedic Forging and later projects in Asthedic will be distributed in the form of AES tokens.