Asthedic is proud to be the first and exclusive platform to approach A.I Generated Arts in the form of NFTs.
What are A.I Generated NFTs?
A.I Generated NFTs are arts (NFTs) that will be fully created by Artificial Intelligence, which is capable of generating vast categories of artworks. These artworks created by A.I are the kind of fine arts that you could find in exhibitions. It is said that: fine arts are not the arts of the future; we say the opposite, FINE.ART.EXE, generated by A.I, is in fact the bullish kind of arts which every single artist and cultural consumer immensely comprehend.
A.I Generated NFTs from Asthedic are unique because of how Spacers can interact with their NFTs through selecting a desired "Breed-mate" for their NFTs to "Breed" with! As a result, a distinctive NFT artwork with parental traits and features would be generated.