Asthedic Marketplace is uniquely special as the decentralised mechanism based primarily on the the value assessment of the community rather than suffered under manipulations.
The marketplace is where bred FINE.ART NFTs are traded and leased for breeding.
There is no particular tangible price but rather varying and fluctuating based on the evaluation of the buyer through the progress of bidding.
NFTs for sales are offered on the market with the expected price set by the original breeder or the owner. Buyer can than offer other prices, bargain or buy the artwork with the prescribed price.
Owning an Artwork, you can withdraw and mint the NFTs into your wallet and trade on other marketplace.
As mentioned, in order to breed a new NFT, you need two pre-existed parental NFTs. What if you happen to not having two appropriate NFTs to breed or you think that one particular NFT may give you higher opportunity to breed a beautiful and uptier NFT? You rent a breeder.
On the other side, you are possessing an NFT that you think will be breeding more beautiful and uptier NFTs, you bring it on the marketplace for leasing.
Breed ticket is a contract indicating that you have one breed event with that particular NFT breeder within the seasons.
Breed ticket can be resold to other participants with bidding price.
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